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I’ve never really cared much for blogs. The main reason being that I think most are little more than ego exercises. There’s also the idea gaining prevalence on the net that blogs are a good form of communication in and of themselves. The Lindens subscribed to that idea and used it as part of their justification for closing their official Second Life forums not long ago.

I disagree. I believe that blogs can have a good purpose, just as Wikis can be a repository of collective information, web boards can be a way to handle detailed, in-depth discussions and instant messages can be an immediate form of communication. But none of these is by itself a complete form of communication. None of them can single-handedly form the basis for policy decisions or customer service. None of them can give you the real grasp and scope of a company’s philosophy all by themselves. Taken together, however, all the above combined can provide a very flexible, documented decision trail and a sounding board for public feedback.

The closure of the official Second Life forums is only part of the impetus for me starting this blog. There’s also my desire to express my ideas on virtual communities – a subject I’ve always found fascinating – and specifically on the world of Second Life. Dramatic things have been happening there lately. Things that deserve discussion and debate through whatever means are left to us.

My first couple of posts this week are going to be on the topic of Linden policy. I disagree with much of what they’re doing, but I also understand the course they wish to chart from a business perspective. I have a different perspective, naturally, which relies upon my 12 years working in and managing a customer service operation for about 650,000 customers. I’ll hasten to add that while my mileage may vary from that of the Lindens, it doesn’t make either of us right or wrong. The points of conflict are the points worthy of discussion.

Hopefully what I write will be at least interesting to some readers, and I’ll work hard not to bore anyone. I welcome comments on this blog, though I will probably screen out those that are insulting or non-productive. If you want an uncensored discussion, my normal haunts these days are at Second Citizen Forums or over at Cristiano’s SL Universe.

See you in virtuality,



October 30, 2006 - Posted by | Second Life

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  1. Intriguing, Cindy. I look forward to your insight in the weeks to come.

    Good luck with the Blog!


    Comment by Dash Curry | November 1, 2006 | Reply

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