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There has been a flood of feedback coming to me both here and in SL  since I posted the Archan Story last week.  Most of it has been very positive.  Today, though, one comment was posted that I thought deserved some individual attention because it highlights an issue that I’ve studied and dealt with and worked around for years: that is, internet addiction and the conflict between real responsibilities and our fantasy lives.

Call it “internet addiction“, cyber-compulsion, or plain old immaturity but there are some complex roots at work in the lives of people who substitute online games and virtual worlds like Second Life for flesh-and-blood relationships.  The symptoms of internet addiction are eerily similar to those of alcohol, drugs, gambling or sexual addiction.

The blog comment in question comes from reader “Allie”, who wrote:

My husband has just recently left us a family (3) kids. He has been playing sencond life and it has litterally taken over his life. I am sure that you a good reason for providing these types of services. But did it ever occur to anyone that some people just might take it too far. I know he is member of your group and I sad to say that we have lost him to a sex filled virtual world.

My heart goes out to Allie.  That’s a sad and devastating thing to have happen to one’s life, especially to innocent children.   However, I want to point out that along with the freedom we have in our online world comes an equal share of personal responsibility.   We must always be prepared to accept the consequences of our actions and not push the blame off on something else, be it our partners or an online world or a sex club.  Allie, if you’re reading this, I’d like for you to consider the thoughts that follow.  Maybe I can offer some insight.

In my previous post I mentioned the Human Sexuality (HSX) community in Compuserve that I participated in years ago.  While there I saw my first examples  of online infidelity, lying, cheating, and philandering.  It was simply too easy to create a false identity for yourself and fool other people into thinking you’re something you’re not.  Good things happened too, make no mistake, but it was the misbehavior that got the headlines.

I will never forget the member I’ll call “Mike” who had seduced 3 women into falling for him at the same time.  He told them he was a CIA agent (you heard me) and thus had to maintain anonymity – right up until the point where he thought he could meet them offline and ‘get lucky’.  He arranged one weekend at a hotel in a major city where he could rendezvous with Woman A on Friday night, put her on a plane the next morning, then meet Woman B on Saturday night, rinse and repeat for Woman C on Sunday.  Questions of sexual stamina aside, he had it all timed to the minute.  But he didn’t count on two of the women knowing each other.

While Woman A was waiting for her plane home, she spotted Woman B in the airport.  They talked and it suddenly became obvious that Mike was up to no good.  They contacted Woman C and the three of them all returned home to give foxy ol’ Mike a thorough roasting on the boards.  His perfidy exposed, his lack of integrity stripped naked before the entire community, you would think that he would be contrite.  No, Mike began stonewalling and justifying.  The women snooped and found out that he was married.  They called his wife and told her the story, and Mike found himself faced with a nasty divorce.  Karma is, indeed, a bitch.  And she has a lawyer.

Mike was not your run-of-the-mill Casanova.  There was something driving him that sought adulation, love, affection – even if shallow and transitory – over the real three-dimensional reality of his wife.   Consciously or unconciously, he was willing to risk everything to get that temporary ‘fix’ of assurance and validation.  The risk itself was even part of the reward – most gambling and sex addicts will tell you that the ritual has its own reinforcement to the user.

I don’t want it to sound as though I’m judging Allie’s husband as an addict.  That’s a call only he can make for himself.  And to be fair, I am not a psychologist.  I have had experience with addicts. I’ve also had experience with narcissists who fit the profile of someone who will do almost anything to achieve self-gratification.   The bottom line to this isn’t so much what Allie’s husband is, it’s the fact that online worlds can be a very seductive, alluring place for people whose real lives are less than satisfying or fulfilling.  If they don’t have good boundaries or find themselves feeling lonely,  they become vulnerable to being sucked into an online black hole.  Those people who are unable to separate fantasy from reality are particularly susceptible to falling victim — of being like Mike and sacrificing a real wife for the illusion of three women who probably would never feel for him the same way his wife felt.

As much as I feel badly for Allie and her children and wish her husband was a more responsible adult, I cannot honestly blame places like Archan for the problem.  Thousands of men (and women) engage in chat room romances and have for years.   It can even happen in places like World of Warcraft.  Typically, the combination of people’s fantasy projections onto others, coupled with some kind of unhappiness or dissatisfaction at home sets the stage for these tragedies.   One statistic I found claims that one third of divorces are caused by online affairs.  

The solution is not to outlaw cyberspace or to shut down places like Archan.  The solution is to be mature adults and think about how our actions will hurt the people we love before we act.  And if we find ourselves compelled to do something over and over, even after we realize how risky and harmful it may be, maybe it’s time to seek help.

None of these words will salvage Allie’s situation, I know.  I’m sorry that I have nothing more to offer but words.  Maybe what I can offer, however, is a little bit of awareness for others out there. 

Nothing you ever do is without consequences and if you are not honest about your situation when you’re online,  you are guilty of deceit.   You are sacrificing your personal integrity for a quick thrill.  Or, as in the case of Allie’s husband, you are risking your marriage and the futures of your children for the transitory pleasure of talking dirty to someone who may or may not even be a woman.  You are grasping at ghosts when you have something real and precious right there next to you.  

Ask yourself whether it’s worth it.  Ask yourself what you’ll tell your kids when your partner finds out you’ve been shacking up with a cartoon blonde in a make-believe world instead of making love to him or her.    In the end, you’re the one who has to live with themselves.  And when the virtual world goes down, as they all do eventually, maybe you’ll finally realize what you gave up for a temporary thrill.


December 5, 2006 - Posted by | Second Life

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