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Get Ready to be PWND

My best friend Haver Cole has invited me to start a column on the new e-zine pwnd magazine which she’s co-publishing with Saeya Nyanda!  It’s available in Second Life as a PDF file, or you can read the whole issue on the linked website.

I’ll still be blogging here as regularly as I can, for two main reason: One, I don’t have a word limit here.  That means I can be as excruciatingly verbose and off-topic as I want and nobody will reject my submissions.  Two,  this blog has unintentionally become more serious for me — I’m trying to chronicle my experiences and viewpoints in Second Life and figure out what it all means in the big picture.  Over on pwnd, I’ll try to be looser (*cough*), wittier and more to the point.  That witty thing is harder than it looks, trust me.  Sarah Silverman stopped returning my calls.

The magazine’s kick-off party was held last week.  Everybody who was anybody was there, including yours truly.  We got free gifts and I ended up dancing on the bar.  In the dark.  Alone ~sniffle~

My first short piece has been submitted, titled “Fashion Nazis Strike Again: Second Life Terrorized by Judgmental Twits“.   My old English prof will roll over in his grave after this one, but he probably needs to turn before he burns anyway.   No way that man went to the “Good Place” ™.

In the article, I make an earth-shattering, scandalous confession.  But that’s all I’m saying for now.  You have to read it to find out.



February 22, 2007 - Posted by | Second Life

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