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Dear Lindens: Please Fix It

The open letter to Linden Lab that I mentioned recently has officially been sent today.  According to Cristiano Midnight, who spearheaded the effort and hosted the web space where the letter resides, it was emailed to Philip, Robin, Cory, Zee, Joe, Andrew, Torley and Jeska at the Lab.   We now wait for their response and begin our process of getting exposure for the letter in world, garnering more signatures and hearing what the press has to say. (Cnet already has a brief blurb on the letter today)

Project Open Letter is hosted here.  The letter itself is a distillation of the input of scores of people and while it is not a complete list of the pertinent and annoying issues ongoing in Second Life, it represents a critical mass of issues.  If the things on that list are resolved, I think it’s safe to say that most of us SL residents would be very happy and finally feel as though the grid was a reliable place to invest our time and money.

There are always naysayers, and that’s normal.  Some people think the Lab is doing as well as they can.  Some people think that the letter will do no good.  But I ask those in the latter category: just because you think something won’t help, does that always stop you from trying?

Most of us are passionate about Second Life.  There has been nothing quite like it before and will probably not be anything like it again for some time.  We’ve staked our claims in the community with friendships, networks, new knowledge and creative efforts and business ventures.  We’re too far into this thing to throw up our hands and leave.  We’re too committed to just not try.  We have to try.  We want Second Life to work.

I believe the Lindens want it to work, too.  I’m not faulting their programmers or network people.  I think the root of the issue here is nothing more than management philosophy.  They are the first corporate entity I’ve ever known who told their people they could work on whatever they wanted, rather than implementing a tight control process so that the broken stuff gets attention before the shiny stuff is added.   Right now, it just feels to this average Second Life resident as if we have a lot of shiny stuff and less functionality than ever.

I’m hoping the letter will begin a process that changes that. 


April 30, 2007 - Posted by | Second Life

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